About Me


Diana Lam, the artist behind the camera

Over 3 decades ago, Diana was photographing images as a toddler. This passion was ignited by her father who collected antique cameras. Although he restricted her photography use with a tripod to ensure the safety of the equipment, she still had the opportunity to peep through the eyehole of the camera to compose and capture the world.

Throughout High School she started taking photography courses and her enjoyment was in the dark room. The dim lighting and film paper in the developing trays excited her as she anxiously awaited for her black and white work of art to appear.

The first wedding she captured was for her uncle and aunt. At that time she felt connected to them, not because they were family, but because she could feel their energy and intense love for one another.  Little did she know this was where her dreams became a reality~

Diana is a Central Florida wedding photographer, also capturing family and lifestyle portraiture, headshots and events.  She has a creative eye and the desire to create striking images.

A few interesting facts about Diana:

  • Love traveling and will travel great lengths to capture an amazing sunset
  • BIG DIY gal, loves to repurpose and experiment with fixing and cooking food
  • Trying to skip the “Beginner level” for Bachata dancing
  • Lover of all outdoor activities
  • Happily Married with one toddler

Professional wedding, lifestyle, and event photographer



Diana Lam of Nona Photography capturing memories
Sweet 16 photo session at Lake Eola