It’s National Kissing day

Lets Get Kissy with it!
Today is National Kissing Day! Get up close to your loved ones and share a special kiss!
Kissing does indeed have its benefits. Here are 5 reasons why you should pucker up now!

1. Secretion of hormone oxytocin when we kiss “love hormone”
2. Fend of illness by building up immunity
3. Frequent kissers have a strong bond great for mental and emotional health
4. Increase happiness releasing endorphins with each kiss
5. Kissing lowers coritsol, reducing stress!

Below are some photos from a recent wedding in Cocoa Beach at the Cocoa Civic Center. The wedding ceremony was held at the Rockledge Presbyterian Church right near the water. It was a gorgeous church and the scenery was magnificent. This couple here was excited to get married! They tried to kiss before the Pastor was finished!

Here are some wedding photo ideas with props!
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