Seattle Couple at Kerry Park

As I stand over the ledge to take photos of the breathtaking view of the Seattle Space Needle from Kerry Park, my husband I were debating who would take better photos from an Apple Iphone or from my Nikon DSLR. Unfortunatley, due to my appreciation for convenience I only had a 24mm lens. No zoom. His Iphone was able to take photos and quickly send it to family members via text or email. Yes, I lost the battle that day…however, things turned around when I spotted a bride! It was a young lady wearing a wedding gown and I saw the groom carry camera equipment…confused as I sat waiting for the photographer to appear. I went over to congratulate the couple on getting married and I found out they were taking the photos themselves! DIY! I love DIYers…but I jumped in and offered to take their photos with their camera! Kat and Johnny did not decline and I snapped away! I managed to capture a few images with my camera and 24mm lens. Kat and I have kept in contact, unfortunately, I was not able to attend their wedding. The wedding invite was creative, it was a passport invite along with a boarding pass with my name! I felt so honored to receive an invitiation to their wedding and have the opportunity to capture beautiful bridal photos at Kerry Park! It was a great day for Nona Photography!